Privacy Policy

Security Policy

We have taken a number of steps to ensure your child’s safety whilst at nursery.
There is an intercom door entry system at the main door.
All outdoor areas are securely fenced and gateways fitted with secure locks.
Prior to your child joining the nursery you will be requested to complete a ‘Collection of Child
Authorisation Form’. This records details of persons other than parents/guardians whom you have
authorised to collect your child from nursery.
We also ask that as a parent you do not let any other person into the nursery that you are not
familiar with, even if you believe it to be another parent. This may appear rude but we feel that it is
a necessary step to protect all children in our care.

Safeguarding Policy

Bright Lilies is committed to the welfare and protection of all children in its care. We achieve this by
identifying emerging issues, intervening early and working in partnership with other agencies.
It is a function of the company to protect children from harm by ensuring that concerns about their
safety are properly investigated.
As a childcare provider we are fully aware of, and abide by, the local safeguarding children
procedures in place by Basildon Council.
We will work together with parents in following these guidelines.
All staff employed at Bright Lilies are fully vetted with a current enhanced DBS.
Behaviour Policy
We set high expectations through encouraging and praising appropriate behaviour.
We ensure that all staff within a setting are clear of what is expected of each individual child in their
care to ensure a consistency of approach. They are trained to set up positive environments, to be
aware of causes of unwanted behaviour and to manage such situations when they occur.
We aim to establish clear boundaries according to the child’s level of understanding, encourage
children to be aware of them, routines and procedures and ensure they know what is expected of

We aim to provide all children a secure, consistent and calm environment.
We share our behaviour policy with staff, parents and with the children in our care to ensure that all
are aware what is expected from them.

Bright Lilies Nursery and Resource Centre | 301 Long Ridings | Basildon | SS14 1QR |
TEL: 07944640015

Inclusion Policy

Bright Lilies aims to provide equal opportunities in a positive manner to ensure that all staff value
and respect the different origins, religions, cultures and languages of the children in their care and
their families/guardians.
Each child is valued as an individual without racial or gender stereotyping and is encouraged to
develop positive attitudes to differences of race, culture, language and gender.
The equipment, activities and day to day management of the nursery are organised in such a way to
reflect this policy.
Bright Lilies will seek to employ the most suitable candidate for any post.
Our commitment to implementing the company’s Inclusive Practice Policy will form part of the job
description for all workers.
Any discriminatory remarks or behaviour within the nursery is unacceptable and will be challenged.
Medication Policy
Prescribed medication, which is clearly labelled for your child, can be administered by the
management team whilst your child is at nursery and once handed over to a member of the staff, it
will be stored in a locked medicine cupboard or refrigerated as appropriate.
Parents sign at the start of the session to authorise management to administer prescribed
medication. On administration an entry is made on the Medicine Consent Form and parents then
sign again at the end of the session to confirm they have been informed of their child’s last dose of

If ongoing medication is required, for example for asthma, then a ‘Health Care Plan’ is completed for
your child and held at the nursery.
In addition should your child develop a high temperature whilst at nursery, with your prior consent,
we are able to administer a single dose of Calpol. Should a child’s state of health still warrant further
assistance, parents/guardians are expected to collect their child from nursery.
Evacuation Procedures
In the case of fire the alarms will sound and the nursery will be evacuated in a planned and precise
fashion. Staff have registers which include all of your child’s details.
Late Collection Policy
The sessions and closing times are detailed in the nursery prospectus.
We expect children to be collected promptly.
Parents/guardians who know they are going to be late (due to unforeseen circumstances) must
telephone the nursery to inform them of the expected time of arrival.

Bright Lilies Nursery and Resource Centre | 301 Long Ridings | Basildon | SS14 1QR |

TEL: 07944640015

A late charge is applied if parents/guardians are consistently late.
No Smoking Policy
Bright Lilies has a no smoking policy. Parents/guardians, staff and visitors are asked not to smoke in
or around the immediate building.
Change of Circumstances
It is very important that our child records are up to date.
If any details you originally gave the nursery upon registration change throughout the year, please
pass them on to the Manager so the registration documents can be amended.
Parental Responsibility
We have a legal responsibility to involve anyone who has Parental Responsibility in your child’s care
and education, regardless of whether this is your wish or not until such time that an order from the
Court directs us otherwise. Where any family disputes arise during your child’s time at nursery we
ask that our staff are not put in any difficult situations.

If you have any cause for complaint, please speak in the first instance to the Nursery Manager or
another member of the management team.
Written complaints will be passed as necessary to relevant parties at higher management levels,
who will respond to you directly.
You may also contact Ofsted on: 0300 1234 234
Any complaints received will be logged at the nursery.